When you choose an antivirus program for your PC, consider how well it detects threats and viruses. The most effective antivirus software employs an algorithm-based detection system that looks for the typical behavior of malware, even if it hasn’t been detected before. They also analyze the performance of your system and utilize sandboxing to run suspicious programs in an isolated environment that doesn’t allow them to do any harm. These methods are more accurate that relying solely on virus databases.

Many antivirus suites come with other cybersecurity tools, like password managers, VPN services, and secure email. They are great if you want a solution that does everything. Be aware that they may also make use of more system resources.

AVG Antivirus

AVG is a well-known antivirus program with more than 200 million users on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. It is renowned for its robust malware detection and low use of resources it has received high marks in tests conducted by independent comparison websites. It also provides 24 hour threat monitoring and is able to detect malware before it causes damage.

Panda Dome Complete

The Deluxe Suite includes a variety of other tools, including a defragmenter for Mac hard drives and a startup app manager and a WiFi scanner. It also has excellent security with the top marks in tests run independently by AV Comparatives and AV Test. While it costs more than other premium suites, it’s an excellent choice for people who require lots of extra features to ensure their computers run smoothly.