AVG offers a powerful feature package, strong malware protection and excellent performance across a range of tests. The free version has few limitations, and the premium version includes additional features such as an optimization tool for devices and VPN.

The software’s malware scanner uses machine learning and heuristic analysis to identify and eliminate any possible threats, including trojans cryptojackers, and rootkits. It also guards against threats like phishing attacks, ransomware and dangerous websites by blocking downloads. AVG’s smart scanners are speedy and complete, and they present a variety of “advanced issues” that you can solve immediately, including sensitive items that need to be protected with passwords, a vulnerable webcam or weak firewall. It’s more invasive than other top antivirus software in this respect. If you click on one of these problems, it will ask you to buy the paid version.

Its tests by AV-Test are generally top-quality and it was able to detect and protected itself against all malware during the March and April 2022 tests. Its ability to detect zero-day attacks is below the top-rated products that I’ve tested. It also can slow down the system.

The free version includes email and web protection identity theft monitoring, passwords that were leaked and photo vault features, and the free AVG Cleaner utility can speed up devices by deleting junk files. The premium version increases the security features with webcam protection and ransomware secure banking, as well as an enhanced firewall. It also comes winfieldparker.com with an optimization of performance that speeds up your PC and prolongs battery life and it adds a VPN to ensure your privacy online.