Online board meetings are more accessible than meetings in person. However, nonprofits should still keep a few considerations in mind. Board members who are not familiar with virtual meetings may require assistance with the technology. Some things that can be accomplished in person may not be feasible online, such as displaying content or whiteboards on flipcharts or flipcharts.

Choosing the right meeting management software is crucial to your success, so make sure that the system you choose is secure and accessible. Instruct your attendees to test out their audio and video equipment before the meeting begins, and to turn off their microphones when they are not in use. A moderator can be beneficial. They can make sure that all the above systems are operating properly and assist you should something go wrong during the meeting.

When it comes to facilitating remote boards the most important aspect is to keep the discussion moving. It is easier to achieve this if you regularly check in with remote attendees and ask them to share their thoughts. You should also encourage them to voice their opinions and voice their opinions during meetings. This will improve the participation and cooperation in your online board meetings. Always conclude the meeting by asking for feedback. This allows your attendees to share their thoughts with you in a manner that isn’t overwhelming or a challenge.