Avast’s constant use of disk can have a negative effect on the performance of your PC. It could slow down your software and could cause crashes if the issue is not addressed. There are many ways to solve this issue. They include virus scanning, setting your virtual memory back to its initial state and starting a fresh boot. You can also remove any software you don’t use and delete temporary files that consume RAM and CPU. You can do this by hand or with a software such as AVG TuneUp that will do it for you.

The change in the scan frequency could reduce avast’s high disk usage. This method disables background monitoring and checking, however it will decrease avast’s CPU utilization.

If you’re still experiencing excessive disk and CPU usage, you can update the antivirus software. You can open the Avast interface by clicking on the icon in your system tray or by searching for it under the Start menu entry. Click Menu, then select Settings from the drop-down list.

You can access a list of scans that are currently ongoing on your computer by right-clicking on a file anywhere on the drive and selecting Scan using Avast in the context menu. The Stop button lets you to deactivate a scan if it’s taking too much memory. You can then determine if the CPU usage and disk usage have returned to normal.

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