Avast is among the most well-known antivirus programs on the market. It protects users against threats and lets them surf the web safely. It also offers a variety of security features, for example, blocking spam and malware. It can even prevent hackers from hijacking a user’s data room software device or stealing personal data. The company offers a wide range of subscription options depending on the needs and preferences of the user. However, occasionally Avast might misinterpret certain websites or applications as harmful and block them. The user may get an alert message that states “avast is blocking websites” or something similar. In these situations it’s recommended to temporarily disable Avast protection. Here are some easy ways to do it.

Method 1 Repair the installation program

This issue is usually caused by a corrupted system file. To repair the issue the user must first run a complete system diagnostic. Once the diagnostic has completed, the user must go to the website of avast and click ‘Settings.’ The user is then required to click on the ‘Exceptions” option. In this section is where the user needs to enter the URL of the site that Avast blocks. After entering this information, they will have to click “Add the exception” and then save it.

During this process, it is important to ensure that they have a copy of all of their important files. Once the issue is fixed, they are able to restore all their important data. It is important to bear in mind that using these methods is not as secure as disabling the antivirus completely. If any of the above methods fail, the user should contact Avast support right away.