Software that is safe for business allows teams to be more productive. The software provides a range of tools for collaboration and communication from task management to project planning. Its powerful features and simple interface make it a perfect solution for businesses of all size. It also has an integrated CRM system that tracks emails customers’ engagement, emails, and more. The software is used by a variety of the world’s largest enterprises to improve quality of products, and delivery time.

Dean Leffingwell developed SAFe in 2011 as a framework to help organizations adopt agile methodologies. Since then, it has become one of the most popular scaled agile frameworks. Its popularity is due to its proven workflow pattern and metrics that demonstrate performance improvements, and a growing community of practitioners who help it throughout the world.

SAFe is founded on seven core competencies for enterprise agility. These skills help teams and leaders succeed in the process of transformation by creating a holistic view of agile at the corporate level.

Performance at scale The focus of this competency is to build teams that are highly effective and cross-functional, and empowered to drive the vision and goals of the company. This includes establishing an environment of trust and accountability and ensuring that the team has the resources necessary to succeed, and utilizing the process of inspecting and adapting to continuously improve their processes.

The Smallest SAFe — The most basic configuration for a framework Essential SAFe offers the essential elements required for an Agile enterprise. Designed to support larger enterprise companies that have more complex solutions Large Solutions SAFe builds upon Essential SAFe, adding roles structures, artifacts, and structures. Portfolio SAFe goes even further by providing lean governance, portfolio strategy and investment, and agile portfolio operation. Full SAFe is the most complete framework. It combines all three levels to facilitate the development of large, complex solutions.