Whether it’s an Excel file or a PowerPoint presentation, sharing files with colleagues or clients is a vital part of any business process. Many employees use their personal email accounts to conduct this function, which can put sensitive information of the company in danger and cause lost productivity.

There are numerous file-sharing apps that provide high-quality security for companies to collaborate securely and easily. When selecting a file-sharing application look at scalability and accessibility, as well as integration capabilities with other software and systems that your company uses. For example, Egnyte’s cloud storage and mobile apps allow employees to access and edit files from anyplace, on any device.

In the past, sharing files meant the transfer of data between computers using file transfer protocol applications or physically copying a disc in order to hand it over (affectionally called’sneakernet’). Modern companies have better options thanks to secure file sharing services that permit them to work across time zones without risking the integrity of their data.

With a secure file-sharing service it is possible to share any size file simply by selecting them and then creating a link to send. This link can then be accessed by a colleague or client, no matter where they are in the world or on what device they’re using to access the files. This is ideal for companies dealing with clients who are from different time zones or countries. Some www.dataroomtech.org/introduction-to-netfiles-deal-room/ companies even provide the details of who downloaded the files, helping with accountability and a helpful audit trail.