A board portal solution can give directors more time to make strategic decisions and less time spent on meeting management and logistics. To achieve this it is crucial that the board management software you select comes with a powerful feature set that lets administrators simplify the day-to-day tasks of meeting management, and let directors to concentrate in strategic discussions rather than mundane logistics.

The ability to build and modify a meeting book in real-time across multiple platforms and devices directors can review meeting material and prepare for meetings in their own way. This is especially true of Gen 3 board portal solutions which are designed to work on all kinds of devices and platforms, including iPhones iPads, laptops, and Kindle Fire.

This type of unified access allows directors to access materials even when they are traveling or out of the office. A reputable company will offer a range of support options, including FAQs and how-to videos, remote training, and a single contact point.

The most effective board portals combine all the features that directors might require to perform his or her job efficiently including document management, voting, communications and reporting. It is not necessary to manage multiple tools or platforms which could increase the costs of operation and increase the complexity. Board portals are designed to work with the devices that directors use – whether it’s an iPhone or laptop – which helps reduce the learning curve and gives a smoother, more engaging user experience.