Board Portal is an application that allows the sharing of documents, information, and data online in a secure and safe environment. It is a central repository of board materials that can be accessed from anywhere by directors and other stakeholders. It also includes a range of tools that permit directors to interact during meetings and collaborate, leading to more effective governance and decision-making.

A third-generation portal is designed to be secure, easy to access on any device. The technology behind it makes the process of making meetings more efficient, and reduces the time governance specialists spend searching through physical board books or long email threads. It can cut down on the number of meetings, which allows for a more efficient utilization of resources, and more effective corporate culture.

A reliable provider of this kind will understand the unique needs and challenges of a board, and provide a tailored solution that is easy to set up and use. It should also provide extensive assistance with regard to training and documentation for new users. Additionally, it should offer a flexible pricing model to ensure that the solution can be put into place and used within the budgetary limitations of the organisation. The choice of a trusted provider will boost the effectiveness of any boardroom and increase the efficiency of the governance function as well as other departments within the organisation. It will also allow boards to remain flexible and responsive in the VUCA world.