Online database software allows you to manage and manage large amounts of data using tables with defined relationships (one-to many, many-to-one). These systems are more flexible and handle complex data models better than spreadsheets. Effective data management is vital to your business, whether you want to improve your workflows or gain a better understanding of your customers’ behavior.

The right online database software will assist you in monitoring and tracking your inventory as well as sales figures, project progress or other important metrics in real-time. It can also provide an easy method of accessing your data from anywhere and allowing team members to work remotely or via mobile devices.

Which Online Database Software is the best for Small Businesses?

There are a myriad of online database tools however, not all are suitable for small companies. For instance, the free tool Airtable aims to be a “spreadsheet-database hybrid” that offers the familiarity of spreadsheet features but with more flexible table views. However, it might not be a good fit for people who are already familiar with Excel because certain formulas aren’t the same.

Caspio is a platform that lets users to build databases-enabled sites without having to write any code. This is a great option for those who have a high level of technical knowledge or are proficient in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. It also allows users to develop database-based applications without needing to know programming languages or relying on IT resources. The applications developed by Caspio utilize the hosted SQL Server database.