The most reliable antivirus software provides robust protection against malware as well as various cybersecurity protections along with excellent performance across all operating systems. It should be light on your computer so that it doesn’t slow down your computer or even crash.

The antivirus software of the past checked for viruses when files were transferred to disks or downloaded from the Internet. The software will quarantine or delete a suspicious file to ensure that malware is not spread. The software was effective in combating basic viruses, but as the number of new malware threats grew rapidly over the last decade, older antivirus tools struggled to spot novel attacks and stop them from causing damage.

Antivirus replacements, sometimes referred to as EDR (Enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions, use the full range of security tools to identify and stop everything from common malware to unique attacks that have never been seen before. This method has proved to be more effective than signature-based detection employed by traditional antivirus software.

If you require an antivirus program depends on your level of common sense and how often you use your computer. If you frequent sites that aren’t trustworthy, download pirated software or aren’t using any other method of security, a good antivirus tool is a must. If you’re a Mac user who only uses the app store and keeps your security high it’s possible to get by without one. Every user should consider installing an antivirus program to safeguard themselves from threats of phishing.