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Work time management is the use of an array of strategies to increase concentration and reduce distractions. These strategies will allow you to work more efficiently and complete more tasks in a given amount of time. They can also aid you in meeting deadlines and feel more productive overall.

These methods can also be used to manage stress, which can result in better health outcomes. For example the stress triggered by feeling overwhelmed can result in insomnia and high blood pressure. However, you can ease anxiety by managing your time effectively and focusing on the most important things.

While time-blocking and the Pomodoro Method can be efficient, you will only benefit from them if you are able to concentrate your focus. To achieve this, it’s important to reduce distractions both internal and external and focus on a single task to achieve greater productivity. This means taking breaks from your computer or text messages that can distract you. Instead, you could go for a walk through the woods, draw or engage in other activities that are low-impact.

It’s also an excellent idea to take a look at your schedule and pinpoint any tasks that don’t help your goals. If you have meetings scheduled throughout the day, and they don’t require any of your skills, then it might be an appropriate time to delegate these tasks to a colleague or reschedule the meeting for later during the week. Additionally, it’s beneficial to evaluate your peak performance times to ensure that you have enough uninterrupted hours for project-based tasks. For instance, some individuals find that they are most focused in the mornings or in the afternoons.